Old-School Rebel Skateboard Style

The Z-Boys... Head bands, Nikes, fedoras, short shorts, tanks(not seen here), and vans.

Tony Alva
Jay Adams

Mr. Tony Alva again, the one who created the skate style with a fedora that I see so often in the active brands industry.

Henry Rollins the Black Flag prelude to Skate Punk... Along with Minor Threat they helped spawn bands within the genre from Bad Religion to the Descendents.

Legend Steve Caballero, Bones Brigade member... This is via Skate Punk Magazine.

A little more Jay Adams with the raw skate style from the late 70´s.

The classic photo via C.R Stecyk on the cover of Dogtown and Z-Boys Documentary. Jay Adams was one of the original rebel skateboarders responsible for the rockstar-punk aesthetic up to this day.

OG skateboarder Duane Peters... A classic!

Classic rebel riders and skateboarders from the 70´s to this day were the ones responsible for the influence of skateboarding brands and the skate-street genre of active brands to this day. Their influence created cross-overs to music to fashion and to lifestyles. Brands to this day from vintage canvas Van´s to plaid flannels, striped tube socks like the ones you buy at American Apparel, and fedoras are all still a staple these days. All of these looks and styles showcase the inspiration and influence these guys left on the apparel industry and beyond. Southern California´s influence and active culture is felt around the world nowadays... With brands such as RvCA, WeSC, Stussy, VisVim, Insight, Nike SB, Supreme and more. All of those brands are part of the genre and one that is and will always be a cross-over whether with hip-hop in the 90´s or punk rock in the 80´s there is no denying the impact of The Z-Boys skate team, Bones Brigade, and many classic skateboarding rebel icons.