Today's "A Fresh Take": 1994 Polo

Today´s A Fresh Take was an image and look based on the well known Lo' Head movement of the 90's... I also threw in a video from 1994 with one of the tracks that helped put Christopher Wallace aka Notrious B.I.G. on the map. A man whose image and nostalgia still reigns in NYC and around the globe. In terms of fashion or with many street brands there has been a vibe of 1992, the looks of the era and the music which was unforgettable can be seen in much of the fashions from M.I.A. to even Grunge (check Alexander Wang etc) to street-skate brands... For instance ¨Where were you in 92"... I´m noticing '94 coming in full stream and I have a knack for feeling that it's only a matter of time before certain trends jump on to 1997 and that era... From Biggie to Pac and more. It's only a matter of time... For now enjoy this video from 1997 a 12 year classic these days.