S/S 2010 Retro SoCal meets Rio Outlaw

Looking for inspiration on S/S 2010?

Look no further than the cult classic foreign film "City of God".

For those looking for a cool retro look sort of Venice Beach Dogtown and Z Boys meets Rio De Janeiro in the 60's and 70's look to films such as "City of God". This could be used for any collection with the appeal to consumers in the surf/skate arena and beyond. Could be an interesting look to throw into the mix. Short shorts, bright retro colors, slim silhouettes and stripes to name a few of the influential styles. I know brands such as Warriors of Radness and a few others already give a similar vibe however maybe create something similar to this:

A couple looks which remind me of "City of God" in some ways from Raf Simons for Fred Perry S/S09.

Combine the bad ass Rio ghetto look with the classic southern California look and perhaps create a whole new vibe of cool. Who knows have at it and enjoy the endless possibilities of differentiating styles and looks.