Menswear CFDA Award Nominees 2009

Scott Sternberg

Band of Outsiders

Michael Bastian

Michael Bastian

Italo Zucchelli

Calvin Klein

Of the three outstanding nominees for best menswear designer 2009 by the CFDA all stand out as great candidates. Italo Zucchelli has revamped Calvin Klein into a sleek and futuristic menswear brand. One with new life and wings in a great direction, he obviously understood the brands roots in minimalist American fashion. That in itself has been great. Michael Bastian, has not only helped renew and fuel the classic American man but he's also added a new take on preppy and conservative also know as traditional aka "Trad" looks. Through new styled layering and certainly some grand merchandising he's come a long way with his Walt Whitman influenced shows and more. It's obvious when you look at his collection on where his career stemmed prior to his breakout into design. Scott Sternberg is another bright star who has been catching wind for some time now. First as an emerging menswear winner in 2008 and now up for menswear as a veteran. His quirky and sometimes original take derived from pop culture, books like "The Catcher in the Rye", French New Wave cinema infused with classic preppy menswear pieces and "boy suits" has been attracting many for some time now. This will be interesting to see who wins the award. Guess we'll have to stay tuned and let the discussions begin, until June 15th.