Toggles, Preppy Boho Street Art Chic, and the Impact of Jean-Michel Basquiat

There's no doubt about the influence of Jean-Michel Basquiat, whether in pop culture or in fashion and beyond. recently many looks showcasing this fall '09 at fashion week in New York City reflected an influence on his style. Whether with Band of Outsiders using a toggle clasp coat he wore pretty much directly or with looks from brands such as Libertine with a strong influence stemming from the art world and bohemian culture. Adam Kimmel's collection is pretty much entirely derived from, influenced by, and for the art world.

While these collections are a reflection culminating a wide array of trends and cultural fads from traditional attire and preppy looks from the 1950's all the way through the 1980's and more there's also a huge influence from Basquiat himself.

These looks are quasi-bohemian, non-conformist, pop culture infused, and pretty much a leftist take on classic staples of menswear. Done in a way reflecting the dissent of conservatism and sending a message with art world style and grace while remaining quirky and unique. There's many contributions to these looks and I think the style of Basquiat is evident as a trend put into this growing look amongst many people not only in New York but around the world.

To me it's amazing to see the reinterpretation of world views, politics, and art through fashion. The message is clear. There's no specific one way to wear a classic look and in an attempt for self salvation designers are inventing the new while taking from the old. Cool style always elevates whatever look one is going for, it's the way the look is done that makes it convey whatever the message is.

If you ask me a little bit of Basquiat's style and artistic sensibility can never hurt.

Band of Outsider AW09 look...

Jean-Michel Basquiat in his studio with pretty much the same coat.

A still frame from the film about Basquiat's life. Looks very similar to a lot of the looks from Libertine AW09. Or reminds me of each other at least.

Libertine AW09 shown above.

The "Style Guy" himself Glenn O'Brien in a look from Adam Kimmel AW09. Interesting note Glenn O'Brien not only used to hang with Basquiat but he also produced and wrote "Downtown 81" a film which starred Jean Michel Basquiat.

A-Ron the Don in Adam Kimmel... A cool artsy take on menswear complete with Davey Crockett hat and all.

Another look from Adam Kimmel AW09