Tom Ford SS09 and American Gigolo Redux

When viewing Tom Ford's Spring 09' collection I can't help but reference the 1980 film American Gigolo. A few of the boldly beautiful and flashy looks remind me of Richard Gere as a high class male escort in Beverly Hills circa the early 80's. The colors and sharply cut suits are incredible, as well as the vividly clashing patterns seen amongst the wovens and ties. Tom is channeling a sex appeal and moment in only a way that one with his very own je ne sais quois could.

When comparing Tom Ford's SS09 collection as an allusion to American Gigolo one can not go without bringing up the fact that iconoclastic designer Giorgio Armani was in a large part the man behind the look of the films wardrobe. American Gigolo helped to catapult his already growing career as a designer. Hailing from the northern Italian city of Piacenza and adding that region's effortless chic style and bravado to his collections and more. One can almost compare both designers Tom Ford and Giorgio Armani in many ways... Ford having spent 10 years bringing Italian fashion house Gucci back to the forefront along with YSL from 1994 to 2004 before starting his own fashion house under his own name Tom Ford in 2004.

A bit hard to see the full scale of what I'm talking about given these images so I would suggest watching the film.

Of course having someone such as Richard Gere helped bring the film wide acclaim and he certainly was the right one to carry those looks with ease. The look for this spring given Mr. Ford's take can only help inspire those bold and flashy feelings of Beverly Hills and Palm Springs in the late 70's early 80's. Aside from that, Tom seems to be taking chic sex appeal to the next level. Pretty much an opposite contrast when compared to another amazing designer being heralded around the world lately; with the same name (only spelled differently) and rightful so when given to tastes: Thom.