Spring Coat: Balmacaan aka The Mac

This spring when the weather is still slightly chilly and prone to periods of rain and sunshine alike, try sporting a Balmacaan coat. Also known as the Mac derived from the popular 186 year old British rainwear company known as Mackintosh. While menswear cleans up look to this classic staple to stay warm and dry. Seen quite recently at J.Crew thanks to Mickey Drexler and Co. and the emergence of "The Liquor Store"... The actual name of this coat is a Balmacaan, which refers to the Scottish estate that it was named after. The single breast and short turn over collar made this coat very popular in that region due to it's rainy climate. Pictured here is popular British menswear brand Hackett.

Look to brands such as Our Legacy, A.P.C., Engineered Garments, Steven Alan, Michael Kors, Arnys Le Forestiere and more this season to acquire one. For those who's budget is lacking visit a local Navy uniform shop and purchase one in navy or khaki for around $40. Also try vintage stores as I have seen a few good ones stocking these coats.

A.P.C. houndstooth version

Steven Alan style "Short Mac"

Our Legacy versions.. The collar on these two are slightly shorter than an original Balmacaan or Mackintosh coat, making for a more modern and sharper look while remaining classy.