Timeless Headwear: The Beret

When a beanie just won't cut it anymore and a fedora seems to become rather played out try a beret. One can be worn with confidence and style such as Ingmar Bergman shown here. The stereotypes and translations might be endless, France, Picasso, Che, Revolution, Romance, Art, Existentialism, Special Military Forces, Spain, The Basque, Impressionism, Surrealism, Bohemians, Beatniks, Camus, Sartre, The Underground, Bob Marley, and so in. However when it comes time to stand out I suggest purchasing one and seeing if the look works for you. You can pick one up at most headwear shops and certain specialty stores and as of recently I've even seen them being sold at American Apparel in an array of colors.

For those wanting to go even further for a bit of panache try pairing the beret up with a fresh pair of frames seen here from Moscot the Lemtosh only $179.00 here online, www.moscot.com or at their retail shop in Manhattan's Lower East Side as well as one in Chelsea.