Style | Luca Rubinacci

This photo taken by Scott Schuman at Pitti Uomo recently and posted today is one of the best displays of Italian style that I have seen in a while... Luca Rubinacci seen here, isn't just a supremely styled man but he's also the son of one Italy's best tailors. The pops of color and the classic patterns seen here with the jewelry that add a young almost bohemian touch to this look are on point... Notice the slight pop of Luca's argyle socks and how they stand out against the other colorways that work seamlessly in unison... That's one of the best things that Italian men do so well... The subtle small details that pop so well. From the pocket square to the hat... This look is flawless and one of the things that I love about Italian style... Not too stuffy... It's fun and unique to the individual when done right.

PS... I said "POP" three times in this post!