The Kilt | Rebel Revisted

Hopefully we’ll see more kilts like this one seen here being worn by Pelayo this season… One can only think of the memory of Alexander McQueen at the moment… While I like to associate some breathe of cool within it to a personal favorite: Trainspotting. This look will be shunned by most and is only for the brave at heart… No pun intended. Reminds me of the 90’s punk, grunge aesthetic due to the fabrics and in some ways it brings Daniel Day Lewis to mind… Of course it will be seen more and more on the street and the runway and when the subject of absurdity or functionality are brought up one might think of the bad asses who kicked heads in for turf and honor ages ago weathering one. Hence the kilt and look to me are one of heritage and rebellion… Feeling the rebel spirit more and more these days…

“One must know the rules in order to break them.” – Who knows!

(photo via GQ)