The L.L. Bean Rubber Moccasin

While boat shoes are experiencing a flood of influence, wearability and an overall trend, being seen on practically everyone these days... Vastly being worn by a majority of people who have never even been on a boat much less even thought about the use of them in the past. Along with bluchers, moccassins, bucks, loafers, desert boots, and canvas shoes that are becoming more and more of the trend and shoe of choice it seems these days. Let's not forget the tassled loafer as well thanks to being foreshadowed and seen by ACL and Mister Mort. So while the world toils along I want to introduce a timeless staple... The LL Bean rubber moccassin... Look for them more and more from this summer into the fall... I'm sure they'll be popping up and joining the ranks of the aforementioned shoe styles just a bit more these days.

Japan really is doing a number on us as far as the influence of American Style coming back in America... Pretty funny but they do it like no other. Magazines like 2nd showcase in depth reports on The Preppy Handbook... That's the source of life where all of this stems from, along with books like Take Ivy and the actual style of the men who attended these schools. Just keep in mind this is an overall trend and there are people that have been dressing like this forever... They were raised on it so it has to be rather amusing to watch. Nonetheless it's great to see men dress like men again. Just don't try too hard or go overboard... You might lack credibility and originality, take it in stride and breathe in the good qualities of a trend, just don't get too caught up and serious with looking like you went to Harvard, especially if you've never even been to Cambridge... Stay true to yourself and you'll do just fine.