Vogue Talents

I'm proud to say I am now contributing to Vogue.it and Vogue Talents... My first contribution was recently on super talented NYC based jewelry designer Pamela Love. I'll be contributing to the blog as well as doing various write ups for Vogue Success Stories and more... The coolest aspect is that I get to contribute to the spotlight of fresh new talented designers from around the world... Not only scouring high and low design talent but also seeking out new and creative retail shops and initiatives... This September fashion week issue I will be submitting designers for Vogue talents with contributions in the magazine. Anyone with any insight feel free to shoot me an email and keep me up to speed... My main contributions will be representing all of the talented designers in New York City... Obviously... The first spotlight feature will consist of a feature on the next crop of new and groundbreaking design talent hailing from the city... Stay tuned for more news and details.