Modern Classics: Sid Mashburn

Not to regurgitate as there is so much of it out there these days... However, when it's Sid Mashburn I just have to throw it down. Sid's style of American classics and mid-twentieth century prep mixed with Italian aesthetics ie... Natural shoulders, cropped jeans, higher arm holes and fitted shirting, the capped double monkstraps (English in origin), the quirk of the tie. It's like Gianni Agnelli hooked up with the students pictured in Take Ivy and had a kid and he's come of age in our era... This to me is the modern tailored look that I love so much and my main aesthetic for the most part... It's classy while young and hip, it's functional and not really flashy... The style is in the subtle details... It's in the fits and the smaller parts to make up the overall look. Adding your own twist to this is what can make the look pretty amazing and work for the majority of people... While most of you have come across a post or two on Sid I thought I would push this back out there and post the GQ video Sid did with Adam Rapoport a while back as well as the photo's of Sid and his staff... Along with Designer's like Michael Bastian, Sid is carving the way and adding to the evolution of men's tailoring in America with his own unique twist. If you're ever in Atlanta take a trip to Sid's store at least for a peak and if you don't get a chance take a look at his website... It's as witty and charming as Sid himself: Sid Mashburn.