Fall Essential: The J.Crew Wool Turtleneck

I've been looking for some time now for the right turtleneck for this coming fall... Always classic and in style the turtleneck can add a bit of sophistication to just about any look... Something about a corduroy blazer and a turtleneck underneath bring to mind thoughts of sitting next to a warm fireplace, reading a good book, and puffing a nice cherry-vanilla flavored tobacco in a vintage pipe.

Anyways, the other day the style maven himself Jake Davis gave the turtleneck a blessing with some quintessential photos of the always timeless Steve McQueen via the film Bullit with none other than a turtleneck on throughout much of that film for his character's signature look. The turtleneck he recommended was from a great brand called S.N.S. Herning. Recently I was on J.Crew and found a wool/alpaca turtleneck in a nice grey dongeal at a fraction of the S.N.S. Herning cost... So I felt compelled to write this post... For those of you searching for a great wool turtleneck this fall at an unbeatably competitive price point... Look no further than J.Crew. Always a classic goodie for American basics.

While i'm on the subject here of the turtleneck... This item with it's wool blend is very northen European in ancestry and can be a great addition to any clothing collection, just ask Hemingway... The J.Crew sweater is actually more similar to the wool sweater's worn by European and American longshoremen in the 1800's. Given that, I can't help but think of an always timeless cashmere turtleneck as well. Possibly paired with a doublebreasted blazer or a well patterned single breasted one for a more tailored look to create a chic and cultured appearance. I'm thinking very flamboyant and mid to late 60's and 1970's here. A look that brings to mind excessive and stylish playboy's of that era. This no doubt can already be seen in Tom Ford's fall '09 collection as seen below... I guess it all depends if you're feeling rugged or if you're in the mood to be a bit more of a dandy... Oh well... I'm guessing that the excessively chic dandy look will have to be saved until post recession as it can be altogether too flashy for today's standards.. That is unless you have the means to walk right into Tom Ford's shop uptown and purchase whatever you like at this very moment.