Just A Few Fall Favorites...

The fair isle picks up more steam this season and looks great in editorials such as the one shown above via Details... Plaid on plaid is still going strong and looking better than ever. More on the fair isle and knits that will be big this fall can be seen on a post I did this past April here. These are a couple of my Fall favorites and will be a staple in the rotation this season.

The Italian sartorial quirk... They do it like none other with a cool that is almost straight out of a Fellini film... Called "sprezzatura" and used over and over... It still can not be beat. Great individual style thrown into bespoke classics passed down from generations of tailoring. I'm happy more people are finally catching on to the timeless aesthetics these days... The style is something not just for this Fall but for any season to be added to one's own regiment... Thanks to people like Scott Schuman and blogs like 13th & Wolf the recognition is being seen more and more.

Umit Benan's Fall collection for this season... Layered and modern... Clean and rugged... Dressy and casual... Umit's collection was just one that really grabbed me. Even if you don't have the full collection you can take aspects of the styled looks and incorporate them into your Fall wardrobe for this season... Then again it is a matter of personal taste.

I'm loving Dongal Tweed as a fabric for this Fall... I've already had a few vintage blazers that were good finds tailored and ready to go for the season... Something about the exposed slubs on the tweed just add a great look to a blazer or any other item this season... Sort of rugged yet refined and reminiscinet of the countryside in an old world sort of way.

The mustache... Seen everywhere from Hamish Bowles to our fellow blog impresario Max over at All Plaid Out , of whom I give a lot of credit to in this area (just search for his Fall Look)... Maybe try one on this fall... Of note this will not work on just anyone to be pulled off well.

Double Breasted suits in wool and with stand out patterns of tartan or glen plaid or classics in solid navy or gray... Just look at the style and power with a smile here of Matteo who you might recognize from Valentino's recent documentary, The Last Emperor... photo via the Sartorialist. I suggest for a cool quirk maybe try on some classic fall workwear boots... This won't work for everyone but can look very well worn and rugged... The mixing of style done right can work well when done in the proper fashion and with confidence.