School's Out For Summer

While Spring is here and indeed I'm loving the sunny day today in Manhattan, it's time to start thinking about SS/09 a bit more and the Ivy League school's out for summer look is in full effect. While just back from Los Angeles, I have plenty to post, and have been sick for the most part of this week. So excuse my leave of absence.

Until then... Break out the madras shorts, the bermudas, the loafers and boat shoes. Grab your navy and tartan blazers, your white oxford and weekend totes. Get a rugby shirt, mix up a Tom Collins, crack the canvas shoes a bit. It's time to get ready for the summer and to enjoy your spring break.

With all the hype today surrounding Topshop opening in New York... Let's show these Brits why they love Brooks Brothers and Ralph Lauren so much. Not because we're rooted in British and Italian style... But because as Americans we combined all styles to make a truly sustainable and amazing style all our own... One that is forever evolving and holding the test of time. Sit tight stay posted... It's going to be an amazing spring and an even better summer!