The Growing Heritage Look

These brands and the American classic revival have been on strong now for a minute. Due to the trends in the economy, the sway of the old being fresh again, the swarm of some of our industry's best blogs pushing them and a lot more. Consumers have been wanting classic goods that last and offer quality more and more lately not false misguided trends, here today and gone tomorrow. 

This is a look all too common these days and growing more and more in downtown New York and Brooklyn. The Moscot frames or the optics... A good classic Gitman plaid , Woolrich, Pendelton and countless others... Engineered Garments O.D. Green vest, there's a huge vintage workwear, military, prep, outdoors, cross over these days. the Japanese helped build that amongst others... The Timex military watch, simple and classic... The A.P.C. New Standard jeans one among many basic and timeless pairs of denim. Jean Touitou and company have taken a ton of retro basics and classics and made them very tasteful again... A pair of Quoddy mocs or trail shoes. Some L.L. Bean boots, desert boots, boat shoes, canvas classics all of them are in the rapture of brands and styles within this look nowadays. Lets not forget bucks and saddle shoes, and penny loafers too for the dressier version. 

These brands have been on the come up for a minute now. You can thank designers like Daiki Suzuki with Woolrich and Engineered Garments and websites like A Continuous Lean, All Plaid Out, Secret Forts, H(Y)R Collective, Jake Davis and the people at Men.Style for zeroing in on this trend. Inspired by classic and timeless staples. These brands whether new or old are what's being felt now and to come. This is just one of the many looks, they're also beginning to be felt on the runways too. Japan is largely to thank for this as well. 

While this is just a sector in the fashion industry it's definitely the growing force. Don't sleep on America's heritage it's here to stay and will effect everything else. What comes around goes around... However don't stand on trends too hard just remain classic and cool, Style comes from within. It's one thing to appreciate things like this and another to be a follower for the sake of trying too hard to fit in.

"Today's trends, end up in tomorrow's landfills" - David Amram

Check the Americn list at ACL for a list of most of these vendors: ACL American List.