Chariots Reign Supreme

British Olympic athletes in the 1920's... Students in Cambridge... 1924 Summer Olympics in Paris... Athlete's overcoming anti-semitism... 1981 Academy Award for Best Picture... Classic fashion and a true memoir of a glorious time. Chariots of Fire is a must see film. Especially for anyone interested in menswear fashion and time periods. The film alone inspired department store ad campaigns and runway looks based off of the wardrobe and decadence of the time. The era was epic, the film beat out Warren Beatty's remarkable lifetime work REDS, which will be discussed in a later post on film, style, and fashion. For now I recommend this film to anyone who has not seen it to go rent it and get reaquianted with the era and the clothing. Take note on the style of Cambridge in the 1920's and while you're at it check out the Ralph Lauren Olympics inspired collection... You may see some similarities within certain pieces.