Carrying on the Family Style

Gianni Agnelli

Lapo Elkann

You'd be hard pressed not to mention Gianni Agnelli's name when discussing mens fashion in the 20th century. True Italian Style... The bold and elegant look, one of power and one of "La Dolce Vita". His eccentricities and special trademarks such as wearing his watch on the outside of his sleeve, while both functional and stylish made him one of the most stylish men of the 20th century. He broke rules much like the Duke of Windsor and created a look to be copied to this day. His mix of countryside clothing and business attire (Something which can be seen on the runway today ,Michael Bastian, Ralph Lauren etc and stores such as J. Crew) was extremely original. Along with Marcelo Mastroianni he's a favorite Italian icon of mine.

Coming into the 21st century my sights have been on his grandson Lapo for some time now. He seems to be carrying on the quirky cool in only a way that an Italian sartorialist can. The double breasted blazers, the suit with sneakers, the beanie as seen here with a suit. It's the little details that can add to one's overall look. It's these small details that create one's style. The way you wear certain pieces or match them helps to define one's sense of self and style and I must say Lapo is definitley carrying on the family tradition of style. Bravo! I must say. Style like this can only be fit for someone who's own Grandfather was once considered the "King of Italy".

The black watch tartan blazer... Those frames. Making Grandpa proud.

Check out the lapels on this impeccable and classy suit.

Bold chalk stripe suit and slippers... With Ms. DVF herself.

The loafers are about as classy European and stylish as you can get. Lapo has a thing for very wide lapels... Interesting while most suits are going slim with smaller lapels he opts for a classic look with a double breasted blazer being almost a signature of his. The wide lapel and double breasted blazer shouts the words "Power" and "Finesse"  as well as "Sophistication" which are very big things in Italian style.