Spring Suit: Classic Grey and Tan

With all this talk of the spring "Mackintosh" raincoat lately, I couldn't help but think of the perfect Spring suit. Two styles stand out if you're going classy this spring yet not too far off the radar. The first is the Tan Suit... Classic and easy. You signify a playful look yet not too ostentatious like the seersucker. Think of Byran Ferry below when pulling off a stylish look. Try some saddle shoes coming back this spring and perhaps match a nice plaid or striped slim tie and make it happen. Throw in a slim navy tie with polka dots if you're going for it... They're being seen more and more lately. Think of brands such as Paul Smith, Ralph Lauren, Black Fleece, Band of Outsiders perhaps J.Crew and more to name a few.

The English dandy himself.

The other suit for Spring brings to mind Carey Grant, one the 20th centuries most classy and stylish men. A legend of the old Hollywood set. His films like "North by Northwest" helped to push the gray suit into new sphere's in making every gentleman in his day suitable for the look. Grey and black work perfectly and most of the brands I named above carry a well fitting Grey suit. All depend on your price range. I've even seen slim one and two button Grey suits at Uniqlo for Spring if your pockets scream "recession". Add a nice pair of black wing tips and you'll be looking "Mad Men" all spring.

The Classic Carey Grant.