New Youth, Sharp Design and the Avant Garde Spring 2009

Brightly futuristic, sharply cut, sleeveless blouses and jackets, new styled layering, cropped pants. These are all becoming bigger trends among designers such as Givenchy's Ricardo Tisci, Raf Simmons, Kris Van Asche and even California's own Rick Owens who currently lives in Paris and more designers hailing from a similar region of the world as well as a hand full coming from Japan and the US. Some designers stemming from the infamous "Antwerp 6" of the 1980's here creating an almost reminiscent atmosphere. The look of the future of fashion in bold new shapes and colors like the new "pink" being seen here with Givenchy by Ricardo Tisci and the usage of newer light weight almost paper like fabrics from designers such as Raf Simmons is taking this group of designers and forming a new trend amongst the fashion world. Whether minimal or brightly clashing patterns seen by Dries Van Noten these designers are grasping a very interesting approach to shape, style and more this season, almost reminding me of modern architects or designers from Germany's Bauhaus movement and the French avant garde. It's nothing too new but for those intrigued with this almost Mondrian take of this sect of current fashion have it at with some of today's best and brightest designers.

Dries Van Noten - Brightly Clashing Patterns

Raf Simmons - Sharply cut suits and sleevless blazer which is becoming more and more of a trend.

Rick Owens Spirng/Summer 2009 and the return of the hammer pant... He also does sleeveless leather jackets in a trend I've noticed coming on strong recently.

Dior Homme Spring 2009's futuristic take

Givenchy Spring 2009 notice the new use of layering being seen a lot lately amongst these designers with the usage of shorts and cropped leggings.

Jil Sander's Spring 2009 minimalist take