Need A Stylist?

With the enormous number of blogs and fashion sites out there these days, Industribolaget, is one that stands out not only with creative and refined looks but with brands and stories to add more depth to whatever look each post is trying to convey. The language might be in Swedish however that won't prevent you from getting the message of what is being said, language of fashion and style is universal. Not only do you get a taste of some great brands out there but you also can see how to merchandise the look, such as champagne in the Hamptons seen above. I definitely recommend taking a look. I'm still waiting for the day the site can be read in English but for now I'll enjoy the looks day in and day out.

I've been seeing more and more of these interesting types of blogs and websites with similar content lately. Some other notable one's are h(y)r Collective and Jake Davis using looks from classic films and how to recreate the looks battling over who has the best skills on brand selection and styling. Pretty outstanding stuff if you ask me.

I started doing this last month with my own take on looks and concepts as well as pulling off a certain look such as Brando in the iconic film "The Wild One". Check out "A Fresh Take" if you're interested.

Perhaps all of this useful information will help men to become not only more educated on dressing better but also more classic and thought out in their own taste. Judging from what I just saw down in Miami this past week and weekend in the words of the classic Public Enemy album it's going to "Take A Nation of Millions".