Future Best Emerging Menswear Designer

While it's too early to say and he has just begun getting his personal collections underway, Antonio Azzuolo is currently one of my picks for best new emerging menswear designer. Or at least he will be in the coming years if he keeps up his collections filled with classy charm, quirk and modern sophistication. I can never have an exact favorite although his recent fall collection was my pretty much my favorite style and look to a "T".

The looks seen by Azzuolo not only cross captured one of Parisian and European elegance but also one of American tradition. There's a combined element that is pulled off beautifully in his collection. This is apparently evident in Azzuolo's past.

He served as design director for Ralph Lauren purple and black label and he also spent 10 years in Paris with fashion houses Hermes and Kenzo. It's no wonder these styles blend so elegantly in is AW09 collection seen recently here in New York. A bit of preppy inspiration with a continental elegance would be my taste exactly, which is why Azzuolo is my favorite to date. The fabrics at times brightly calculated and capturing as well as the usage of sharply detailed tailoring were definitely on display. The fact that he based the collection off of the Rolling Stones and primarily Mick Jagger's many looks in the mid-60's helped to add to his brilliance in conceptual design, which was one of his strong points at Ralph Lauren. Look for only bigger and better things to come from Antonio Azzuolo. See his personal website here a.a.