The Joy of Division

There's no doubt about the fact that Joy Division can be accounted for influencing numerous people and trends which are currently on display around the world and in popular culture... From Christopher Bailey and Burberry's latest ad campaign to the somber and gothic look of many collections out today... Be it the look of Alexander Wang or Chronicles of Never even Ksubi... I suggest a look into this band and who is taking their cues from this era of post punk decadence... Given the look and feel of the Smiths... The Cure and many bands alike from this time period. The band and this image can be accounted as an influence on many looks within the fashion world today.

To me it's amazing how a band with such a small time on the scene can influence countless others from looks to hooks and more.

For those feeling rather gothic or looking for their inner darkness in an artsy sartorial way this season look no further than Ian Curtis and "Love Will Tear Us Apart." Or perhaps check out OAK in Manhattan on Bond St.... The flavor of this retail smash hit tends to capture this look and brings together some of progressive fashion's best brands to date with enormous detail... Be it avant garde be it cutting edge or just plain be "It". This is a definite after thought. There are many other looks involved from Warhol's Factory to Television, Patti Smith, Bauhaus, Sonic Youth.. The influences are countless...

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