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Tom Browne Fall 2009

Polo Ralph Lauren

Levi's cardigan... Hmmm Kill City did the exact same cardigan too.

White Mountaineering... Seeing a "pattern" here?

Vintage cardigan
Henrik Vibskov - Cardigan

Thom Browne Fall 2009

Look for Jacquard knits and Norse patterns to become more and more of a trend.. Currently certain collections have been inspired from classic Norse sweaters amongst other things and with the recent influx of the very popular labels hailing from Europe's northern region over the past decade such as Cheap Monday, Acne, Henrik Vibskov, Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair, and a lot more. Norse patterns are being seen quite a lot these days. Most recently Thom Browne's fall 2009 show seen here helped to solidify this growing trend with some beautiful jacquard knits holding true to the similar pattern seen here. Brands like Polo Ralph Lauren have infused the classic look in some of their fall sweaters and the Japanese have definitely impacted the look with stunning brands like White Mountaineering doing everything from jacquard shoes to pants and bags. Look for this trend to get even bigger next fall.

I suppose we'll see this for some time along with another coming look I've been seeing that the Japanese were on first, currently seen in collections such as Ralph Lauren's very own Blue Label this Spring. That's a whole other discussion but take a peak below.

Seems like Dances With Wolves inspired more than a few average movie goers... Or maybe it was the current moccasin footwear craze that's all over the place currently... Just kidding. I guess we'll just have to see how this one plays into things.